The US Job Market 2013: Is It Improving? Or Are We Seeing Another Downturn?

The economy has been tough for a couple of years now, which is why many are thinking that it can’t really get any worse. The perception is that 2013 will be much better for the US Job Market, but is that really the case? Are jobs really improving? Or are we seeing another downturn?

Unfortunately, there is no sure answer. The statistics from the government are quite confusing and even at over 100,000 new jobs each month, that doesn’t seem to be enough. Some will say that the US job market is indeed improving, but results say otherwise. There are some unemployed individuals who have even given up and removed themselves from the labor force leading to a high rate of people who are unemployed for the long-term.

Although hurricane Sandy affected employment in the East Coast area late last year, this shouldn’t be a reason for the rest of the country’s high unemployment rates. But of course, with things having already been bad, it certainly cannot get any worse. The country is seeing more construction and production this year, which is expected to translate to more jobs. So that’s something to look forward to.

For the unemployed, maybe it is best to consider where the jobs are. The US job market has changed greatly through the years and to ensure stability, it is wise for people to understand where the jobs will be in the coming years. Recent years has even transformed middle class jobs into low wage jobs, which is a situation that workers would want to avoid.

So where are the jobs in 2013? The US job market is possibly improving, but many of the jobs available are mostly in specialized fields. For instance medical careers are continuously at an all time high due to the growing population and the number of individuals who are in need of healthcare.

This shouldn’t scare workers at all. In fact, this doesn’t mean that you need to study to become a doctor. There are a lot of careers in the healthcare field that are high paying and only require a two-year degree. These include medical technician careers and other healthcare jobs such as Sonogram Technician, X-ray Technician, Dental Hygienist, Medical Assistant, and others.

So if you are really serious about finding a job that will pay you well and is expected to be stable throughout the coming years, then entering the medical industry would be wise. There are numerous healthcare jobs that are in demand and don’t really require a lot in terms of education. In just two years, you will be able to pursue a medical career and be on your way to earning a substantial amount that will be sufficient for your living expenses.

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